Bio – Zack Birlew


Zack Birlew began his filmmaking career making video projects in high school and has gone on to become an award winning indie film director and co-owner of his own film production company, Babs Do Productions, with his brother, Patrick Birlew.

Zack began his film education almost immediately after deciding to become a film director and read every book and magazine he could find on the subject. He attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and took every opportunity to practice and experiment with making films of various kinds and styles. Zack later went on to become a graduate of Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts with a Master’s degree in Film Production and Sound Design.

During his college years, Zack began his annual attendance of the National Association of Broadcasters convention and was witness to several historic events such as the introduction of HDV tape, the rise of RED Digital Cinema, and the industry-wide innovation and adoption of HDSLR video.

He is a member of several filmmaking communities including,,, and

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