Bio – Patrick Birlew


Patrick Birlew’s film career began as the home video maker in the family and later developed into full fledged filmmaker alongside his brother, Zack Birlew. He is now co-owner of his own production company, Babs Do Productions, and is the head of post production operations and 3D motion capture production.

With an early love of practical visual effects, Patrick transitioned to digital effects and post production with ease. Specializing in After Effects, Patrick provided many of the exciting and occasionally humorous visual effects in the early films of Babs Do Productions.

In addition to graduating from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts with a Master’s Degree in Film Production and Editing, Patrick also began learning about 3D animation and became an expert 3D artist using various software packages.

In addition to various film production and industry conventions like the National Association of Broadcasters convention, Patrick is an ACM Siggraph member and often attends the annual Siggraph convention.

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