Big Update – August 2016

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Hey, everybody! It has been a while since we updated the site but we’ve been so busy updating our social media while our newly award-winning film, “The Review – A Fatal Frame Fan Film” has been making the rounds on its film festival run. Here’s the updates thus far:

Stock Footage

We sell stock footage online at¬†and while we have had pretty steady sales, we never expected to sell footage to a major broadcast network! Yes, that’s right, we sold some footage not too long ago to a certain broadcast network for a certain show that we’re not allowed to mention but it’s one of the bigger shows on TV right now! We’re very proud of this achievement and we have the whole contract that we’ll frame in the near future. In addition, while we have traditionally sold very high quality 1080P HD content, we have moved up to 4K and have several hundred clips waiting to be trimmed and edited into stock footage as well as an assortment of remaining 1080P clips. Expect those sometime in the near future but until then, we have a wide assortment of stock media already available that would be great additions to any production.


Our channel has been steadily gaining subscribers and views and we’re very pleased with the positive reception to the channel altogether. The exciting news is that we are preparing to make more videos for Youtube specifically and we plan to keep adding more to the channel as time permits. To start, we have three “Fatal Frame” related videos that we’re planning to film soon that will be nice bonus treats for fans of “The Review” and “Fatal Frame” in general. We also have a large multi-episode videogame series that is just about ready to go but may have to wait on that while we work on the……

New Feature Film

We have finished the last draft of the script for our new feature film project. While we can’t say too much about it, we can say that we have already been steadily working on pre-production for it and have been scouting locations around the Northern California area. This will be our first major project filmed not only in 4K but on a RED Digital Cinema Camera! We will also be using the fantastic Sony A7S for its low light performance and 4K imagery which might already tell you that we’re making a dark horror film. Don’t expect monsters or blood and guts though, this movie is going to be scary in a very unique way that’s almost akin to an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more as we go along through pre-production!

Film Festivals

The Review Award Banner 2016 3 JPEG

We are proud to announce that our film, “The Review – A Fatal Frame Fan Film”, is now officially an award-winning film! It has so far been awarded a Bronze Award from the Spotlight Horror Film Awards and has been officially selected to be in the WRPN.TV “Short Tight and Loose” Global Film Festival as well as the Fright Night Film Festival! We’re very excited to see where else the film may go and what awards it might win and we are very grateful for the award and attention the film has gotten so far! In addition, we have decided to take a chance and enter the film into the Sundance Film Festival under their new Episodic Content category! With Sundance being one of the last festivals on the film festival schedule, we think it would be amazing for “The Review” to end its film festival run by being selected to be in the Sundance Film Festival. We know that the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most competitive film festivals in the world so, to help make this happen, we ask our friends and fans alike to help us spread the word about the film offline and online and to connect with us on our social media pages on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Myspace! Also, if you haven’t seen “The Review – A Fatal Frame Fan Film” on Youtube, you can see the whole four episode series in full length game review versions and the abbreviated “Speed Run Edition” versions here:

Babs Do Productions – Youtube Channel

More information on the film and it’s film festival progress can be found here:

The Review – A Fatal Frame Fan Film – Facebook Movie Page

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